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7 Best Costumes That Appear in Movies Recently

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Their job is deceptively simple (to illustrate through clothing a character’s personality or maybe their psychology), but the challenge is enormous. Costumes, too, can tell stories of their own, offering the viewer visual information which complements the story on the screen.

Sometimes, a movie character becomes iconic because of the inventive work of the costumier. Think Dorothy Gales gingham dress and ruby slippers, in “The Wizard of Oz” (1939), or Indiana Jones’s fedora, leather jacket and handbag. Today’s costume designers have a film history of dealing with and must, So, find new and exciting ways to deliver costumes. We haven’t seen before or rework older, familiar fashion styles with fresh perspectives.


Catherine Martin involved Prada, Brooks Brothers and jewellers, Tiffany, when designing the film’s vintage-style costumes and jewellery, for Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” (2013). The director’s vision involved “vintage looks through modern eyes.” it had been therefore more a case of being inspired by the Jazz Age and having the liberty to make unique spins on a classic period of fashion than seek out old 1920s dresses and suits.

A doomed romance set among the wealthy elites of latest York society, the film is pure eye-candy in its fabulous array of luxurious costumes alone. The range of tuxedos, extravagant party dresses, gorgeous linen suits and spiffy loungewear is positively stunning, old sport.


For his Dickinson biopic, director Terence Davies wanted the costumes worn by his cast to possess a discreet, shabby quality, reflecting austere and sparse, but considerably upper-class, 19th-century environments during which his characters lived. It’s the type of historical attention to detail and costume design which may easily be overlooked. Still, overall, the visual and tonal effect is intrinsic to the film’s aesthetic. Here is a costume design that doesn’t draw immediate attention to itself but is thoughtful and authentic.


“Nocturnal Animals” is the second feature by dressmaker Tom Ford. A meticulous and exacting designer (and filmmaker), it had been left to Arianne Phillips to oversee the costume department and find smart ways; for instance, the lead character’s frosty psychology.

Amy Adams stars as a gallery owner masking inner torment with pristine-looking, ultra-chic clothing. Wearing a series of eye-catching costumes, which function like armour against the planet, the character can hide her right emotional states behind the trimmings of wealth and success.


Robert Zemeckis’s “Allied”—a WW2-set romance mixed with significant thrills espionage—is hugely informed by the classics of Hollywood, but equally grounded within the reality of the amount. Costumier Joanna Johnston researched at the Imperial War Museum in London, to urge to grips with the kinds of uniforms worn by Special Operations Executive officers, one among whom is played by Brad Pitt. Again, vintage-era clothing was avoided in favour of bespoke costumes. Like “Nocturnal Animals” reflecting on psychological detail contained in dress, Marion Cotillard’s Marianne—a French Resistance fighter—sports icy, sophisticated couture within the early parts of the film and clothing featuring warmer tones within the latter portions of the story.


Liberace (played within the film by Michael Douglas) was the first king of glitz. Costumier Ellen Mirojnick had tons of fun recreating a number of the Vegas entertainer’s most eye-popping and ridiculous clothing–such as a fake fox coat with 16ft train–and a wild assortment of cloaks, suits and capes filled with sequins, rhinestones, feathers and jewels. She also designed jewellery directly from an original item found within the musician’s collections. Audiences back within the day lapped up Liberace’s extravagant and opulent clothing, which revelled in kitsch and camp sensibilities before such terms entered broader popular culture.

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“La La Land” (2016) may be a homage to old Hollywood and 1960s French musicals. It made sense, then, to pay tribute to the golden era of yank movies and hip French cinema via costume design.

Screen icons Rogers, Bergman, Garland and Anouk Aimée and their dresses were worn during a range of classics helped inform and inspired costumier, Mary Zophres. Emma Stone, who plays the archetypal lass attempting to form it big within the movies, served as her inspiration too. A marigold-coloured Versace dress she wore on the red carpet at Cannes inspired the yellow dress seen during the pool party and


In an interview with Vogue magazine, “Blade Runner 2049” costumier, Renée April, acknowledged the challenge in designing costumes for a movie set during a cold, polluted future. The result on screen may be a mixture of outfits in PVC, cotton and faux fur, with leather generally avoided because it would look wet and heavy on screen. It’s a vision of the longer term during which people’s clothes are poorly made and drab.

Ryan Gosling’s detective, K, wears a functional cotton military-style coat with a fake fur collar, to guard himself against the harsh weather which dominates the film’s environments.

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